Blessings From Our Bishop

The Internet is the latest and in many respects most powerful in a line of media.It has a number of striking features. It is instantaneous, immediate, worldwide, decentralized, interactive, endlessly expandable in contents and outreach, flexible and adaptable to remarkable degree.It is egalitarian, in the sense that anyone with the necessary equipment
and modest technical skill can be an active presence in cyberspace, declare his or her message to the world, and demand a hearing. It allows individuals to indulge in anonymity, role-playing, and fantasizing and also to enter into community with others and engage in sharing. According to users’ tastes, it lends itself equally well to active participation and to passive absorption. It can be used to break down the isolation od individuals and groups or to deepen it.(Ethics in Internet,Vatican Document from Pontifical Council
for Social Communications).

Own website is a landmark in the history of St.Antony’s Major Shrine, Uvari. It gives me immense joy to know that St.Antony’s Major Shrine, Uvari, is launching a website in order to widen its horizon of relationships even outside the territory of Uvari. The website is the outcome of tremendous toil, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of the priest, the parishioners and the Shrine Finance Committee.May this new venture not only disseminate the liturgical events and happenings of the Shrine to every nook and corner of the world, but also continue to serve as a web among the parishioners and the pilgrims to know, love and care for each other like the Early Christian Community.My hearty congratulations to all those who worked hard to make the dream come true.

St.Antony’s Major Shrine, Uvari, is a Diocesan Pilgrim Centre, specially dedicated to St.Antony of Padua.We all know that a lot of people visit this God’s dwelling place seeking His abundant blessings.It has been accepted that through the intercession of St.Antony, many get relief from their sickness and all kinds of bondages.From my boyhood, Whenever I visited this sacred place along with my parents, Kith and kins, I had personally witnessed the mighty outpouring of the Power of Jesus in healings and unbelievable miracles through the powerful intercession of St.Antony, the Miracle Worker. May we honour more and more St.Antony of Padua in Uvari and receive God’s abundant blessings through his Powerful Intercession.

With My Prayerful Wishes & Blessings,

Yours in Lord Jesus,
Most Rev.Dr.A.Stephen,
Bishop Of Tuticorin.