I had lost my Mother Mary statue, which I hold every day in my hand while praying and sleeping. She gives me protection and stays with me always. But today, I had lost the statue, and it was nowhere to be found. I cried and asked St. Anthony to help me find it, as he has never failed me. I thank him that I found it in the same place where I had searched multiple times, but it was not there before. It miraculously appeared there.

- Abhishek Carls

Very quiet and neat place to pray. Almost every year, I have been visiting St. Anthony’s Shrine, it is like magnet pulling us every time. Our last visit was in September 2023 with family from Bangalore. We are very thankful to St. Anthony for all the favours and blessings.

- Janeshwara Ambrose

I was taken to the Shrine of St Antony, Uvari, by my parents in the same way Jesus went to the Temple of God on His First Visitation. Since then, I have been ever indebted to him for all the graces and blessings I have received in my life from him!

- Xavier Ignatius

முதுமை மிகு நிலப்பரப்பாம் தென்பாண்டி மண்டலத்தின்,
தெற்கு கடலோரம் ,
உவரியின் ஓயாத கடலடி ஓசையில் கோயில் கொண்டு வீற்றிருக்கும் எங்கள் அந்தோனி மாமுனிவன்.
எட்டு திக்கும் அவன் புகழ் பரவட்டும்.

- Capt. Raymond

The first saint I have seen in my life is St. Anthoniyar. He has been tremendous in our life with lots of blessings. Whenever we needed his help, he was with us. We THANK HIM for all the blessings he has showered on us. My Father Mr. Soosai Viyakulam is one of his devotee who has been visiting St. Anthoniyar\’s feast every year till now. Now he is sick and not able to attend this years feast. I pray to St. Anthoniyar that he would bless him and cure him as early as possible.


- Darwin Soosai Viyakulam

I suffered by uirinary infection and then I came to Uvari St.Antony’s church . I prayed there with divine trsut and confidence. Because of the blessing of St.Antonys, I got cured and no infection now.

- Anto Michael Sam

I testify that St.Antony’s Shrine is a place of Holiness. God has showered upon my family numerous Blessings through the powerful intercession of St.Antony of Padua. Uvari is a wonderful place where we can enjoy the beauty of sea and its shore. Do visit St.Antony’s Shrine at Uvari.

- Dominic, Maruthakulam

Best most powerful st Anthony’s church in Ovari small fishing village good clean places people are very friendly nice place to visit and stay good quality rooms are available cheap and clean with modern toilets very silent and ample parking space and security . I stayed for a week and got God’s blessing and solved all my problems just in Weeks thans be to God. I am going back to Sri Lanka with happiness and peacefullness.

- Danny, Sri Lanka

It’s a very gracious Church devoted to St. Anthony. Located very close to sea, this church has performed numerous miracles over the ages. Many people close and far bare witness to amazing healings they have received through the intervention of St. Antony.

- John Britto

Marvelous church to visit with family and kids, a quiet place to pray. It has marvelous atmosphere and good interior and exterior infrastructure. Nice place to feel the presences of divine nature.

- Melvin Infant Raj

A place to visit for your spiritual journey. It is one of the blessed places where many miracles testified. As it is present on the coast side, it has a very nice atmosphere with the divine aura of St. Anthony. Do visit the place for self awakening and peace of mind.

- Steffy

One should visit this church at least once in their life time. Very peaceful environment with positive vibrations.

- Siluvai Anthony, Idinthakarai

There are much better reviews than mine, but I couldn’t resist to rate my own church, St. Anthony’s Church, being my Patron Saint. One of the oldest churches in Tirunelveli district. Whenever I enter into the church, my mind becomes peaceful than any other place in the world. Praying in front of St.Antony gives me all the confidence I can have and achieve greater.

- Vinoj Cardoza, Uvari

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